A non-agricultural land is a developed land or barren land, unfit for cultivation. If you own an agricultural land and want to erect a building for residential or industrial or commercial purposes by conversion, it is possible. Law does not otherwise permit any kind of construction on an agricultural land. Even a farmer cannot use agriculture land for any other purpose than farming. The major reason behind this is that India’s economic factor largely depends upon agriculture and unless the land use has been changed by owner, then all the lands will continue to falls under the category of agriculture.

          Secondly, tax imposition as we all know that there is no tax on agriculture land but if owner started to use the land for other purposes like residential, commercial and industrial so on then tax liability is imposed on the owner by the authorities. So, if you want to use your land for other purposes then you are required to obtain Change of Land Use (CLU) by following prescribed guidelines. Here are the highlights of the whole process of CLU.


If any Person wants to construct residential / commercial/ warehouse /industrial building project on the agriculture land then it is necessary to obtain Change of Land Use permission from concerned authority. In the absence of CLU the concerned authority in the area has right to not only impose penalty but also to demolish the property if conversion is not done after numerous warnings.


So, to avoid these obstacles it is recommended to obtain conversion certificate before starting the use of the land for other purposes.


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  1. In order to prevent unauthorized and haphazard construction and regulate planned urban development, the department declares controlled areas around town and public institution and prepares their development plans under provision of the states.


  1. By mandating the issuance of a Change of Land Use certificate, the revenue department ensures that a safe, pleasant, socially functional, and healthy environment is fostered. Whether the purpose is for residing or working, the major objective is to check if the use of land will not cause any disruption in the area.


  1. Every aspect related to business conditions, functioning of communities, and urban development will be checked when an application for a Change of Land Use from agricultural to commercial purposes